Finally Blogging

Welcome to my first blog post!

My goal for this blog is to not only sound a foghorn out into the world that I seem to remember is out there (I intentionally write in the one room of the house without a view), but to share my journey toward publication with fellow writers and book lovers alike. With regular posts, I also hope to assure my family and friends who may not see me again until my novel is finished, that I’ve not succumb to a lethal case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

As you will discover, my story is not that different from most other writers. I knew I wanted to write from the time I was a child. Even at the age of ten all I wanted for Christmas was a typewriter (yeah, I said it, a typewriter. I really am that old) to write my stories. As it often does, life got in the way and I lost sight of my childhood dream. Then I remembered. I bought a notebook and the nicest pen I could afford and I was off again, spinning my yarn.

My first attempt at submitting a story was to the Chicken Soup series and out of 4000 stories, mine was shortlisted for Chicken Soup for the Grandparent Soul. I survived two further cuts, but ultimately ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor. Rather than discouraging me; a fire was lit inside my nice pen.

Several years have passed since that first story, and I think it’s safe to say, I have single-handedly supported Canada Post with all the mail I’ve sent to prospective publishers. I’m pleased to say a few have sent me acceptance letters/emails and I’ve finally seen my name in print on something other than a credit card bill.

In the spring of 2011, after years of juggling a full-time job (Marketing Manager for a children’s edu-tainment company), running a large household of super-sized people, working toward a certificate in creative writing from U of T Continuing Studies and writing every spare hour I could steal, I knew the risk of my going postal was becoming a real possibility. Something had to go. With my husband’s support (smart guy) I  left my job and have committed myself full-time to finishing my  novel.

And now the next step – Blogging, Facebook and even Twitter. I hope you will join me as I complete my final course and swim upstream inside the wonderful, exciting tide of literary fiction.


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18 responses to “Finally Blogging

  1. After watching you write for years I am so thrilled you are going to continue to share you imagination with the world.

  2. Thanks Judy for being there as I plodded my way through so many dark, is-there-life-out years and for reminding me that being a writer was all I ever wanted to be. Thanks for bearing witness to my first, timid baby steps and for sharing your computer knowledge. You know what they say; chance made us sisters, but love made us friends. With friends like you….well you can fill in the rest! Love you.

  3. Doreen Smith

    It’s great to see your cyber-self at last bloomed. So proud of the work you have done and the talent you have shared. Excited for adventures to come for you and your nice pen.

  4. Thanks Doreen. It goes without saying that you have been my number one supporter and dare I say, fan. Thanks for letting me talk your ear off about my projects and new adventures. You are a great friend.

  5. Sharon dear. I knew you could do it. You have talent dripping off your fingers (onto that already cleverly spun yarn).
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  6. Suzanne robinson

    Bonjourno Bella,
    With a tear in my eye and a vision of that autographed copy on my bookshelf , I say ” Well done and get the h*ll back to work. Friday looms!

  7. Thanks Suzanne. Anne (the matriach of my novel) is giving me some trouble this morning, but I promise to stop messing around and to have a submission in by Friday.

  8. Doreen Smith

    Tell Anne to open up. This is what she’s been waiting for – someone to listen.

  9. Chrisitna Simeonoff

    Many us us say it… but not many of us do it! & you are! You are great at what u do & your inspiration & passionate love for writing shows! Good work & Look forward to following:)

  10. Christina Simeonoff

    Oops,spelt my name incorrectly-lol

  11. Karla Singh

    Hey Sharon! A great start to your online life! Welcome to the international network. 😉

    I truly look forward to reading your updates. Best of luck with everything!

  12. Karen Yellan

    Hi Sharon,
    It is wonderful to see your newest forum for your wonderful writing!
    I am looking forward to reading your blog and hearing your wonderful voice as I read.

  13. Sharon,
    It’s great to see you out here in the blogosphere.

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